Car Hire is Easy to Book with Go Adventure

Thrilling Travelling with Car Hire is Easy to Book with Go Adventure

Being immersed in travel, Go Adventure can offer intrepid explorers, thrill-seeking adventure enthusiasts and subdued laid-back relaxers flight and accommodation packages to suit your individual requirements. Going one step further, we also offer the option of car hire giving you the freedom to explore and travel at your own pace.

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Is Car Hire Without a Credit Card Possible?

One of the most frequently asked questions our travel agents receive is whether car hire is possible without a credit card. As much as we would like to offer you this option, we can’t. Car hire companies in South Africa and other countries, such as Zanzibar and Mauritius, require credit cards to secure rental deposits in the event of any additional expenses that have not been included in the initial booking, such as additional driver fees and an excess deposit in the event of an accident or theft.

What you can enjoy by securing your car rental through Go Adventure is a travel partner that can offer car hire through reputable car rental companies at reduced rates. You can also enjoy the benefit of full insurance cover, unlimited mileage, and flexible rental period options. We can further provide you with car rental packages tailormade to your specific travel itinerary.  

“The journey of a hundred miles starts with a single step,” so take that step with Go Adventure by including car hire in your flight and accommodation booking.

Offering You the Freedom to Explore

From coast to coast, South Africa offers travellers the most magnificent landscapes, unique cultural diversity, and breathtaking sites. Go Adventure’s self-drive packages together with your choice of car hire affords you the freedom to explore at your leisure soaking in vistas that may otherwise pass you by, discovering hidden gems and changing your course at a whim.  

From Luxury Spas to Tented Camps

Our experienced travel planners can pre-plan your accommodation packages and car hire on your behalf allowing you to travel comfortably between destinations whilst visually feasting on the sites along the way. From two nights of ultimate relaxation at a luxury spa in the heart of the city, you can travel to the comfort and simplicity of tented camps along the vast plains of the African wilderness for 4 days.

Along South Africa’s Natural Coastline

Take a road trip from Gauteng to the rolling hills and snow-capped peaks of the iconic Drakensberg mountain range where nestled in a secluded valley, the luxurious Cathedral Peak Hotel awaits. Book a flight to Cape Town, where, upon arrival, you can hop into your rental car and journey through magnificent wine country to a boutique hotel in Franschhoek for a two-night stay. Just a short drive away from your lodgings is the Cape Winelands where you can tantalise your taste buds with some of South Africa’s best wines.     

For Go Adventure, your getaway begins when you book with us and, for you, it begins when you arrive at your destination and get behind the wheel of your hired car. All you need to do is plot your course, pack the snacks and head out on the open road.

Are You Looking for Adventure, Relaxation or Both?

If your ideal holiday finds you flying across vast oceans and getting to know travellers from all walks of life, then perhaps our guided packaged tours are more to your liking. Our Contiki and Costsaver tours in Thailand will have you experiencing vibrant street markets and lush green landscapes with like-minded travellers. If the only thrills you seek extend to relaxing on pristine beaches while enjoying panoramic vistas, then our island getaway packages to Bali, Seychelles, Maldives, Mauritius and Zanzibar will land you in the lap of ultimate luxury and tranquillity.

Whether your travels find you appreciating the splendour of South Africa’s natural beauty or further afield in the “Land of Smiles”, “Spice Island” or where Blackbeard once hid, Go Adventure’s travel planners are ready to book your trip. 

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