Beachcomber’s Love List

The team at Beachcomber have put together a list of their most favourite, memorable Beachcomber experiences.

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1. Beach bonfires at sunset

The Beautiful Concert at Mauricia. Imagine a bonfire on the beach at sunset, live music and homemade rum punch. With sega dancers ‘bringing the vibe’ and the delicious flavours of Creole cuisine lingering on the taste buds, this is an unforgettable evening!

2. One scoop is never enough

A scoop of homemade, burnt caramel ice cream on the beach at Dinarobin’s Cabane a Glace. Yum! Come sundown, wiggle your toes in the sand and settle back, cocktail in hand at Butik Bar, to take in the sunset.

3. Snorkel in a natural aquarium

Snorkelling at Shandrani in the Blue Bay Marine Park. Step off the beach and into your own personal aquarium.

4. Navigate to the lunch table

Set among century old canons and sweeping views, Navigator at Canonnier is the perfect spot for lunch and a touch of history and mystery. The only thing you need to worry about? Which of the delectable specialities on the menu you’re going to try first.

5. Dance the day (and night) away

Morning Aqua Gym at Victoria, fun in the sun and the perfect start to your day! Start the day moving and end the day moving. Dance the night away under the stars thanks to an incredible entertainment team, to keep the party going all night long.

6. Paradis pancakes

There is no pancake quite like Paradis’ pancakes. Get your fill at our yummy pancake station, with tons of toppings to choose from!

7. The royal treatment

Enjoy a leisurely start to the day thanks to Royal Palm’s overwhelming in-suite breakfast. Come sundown, pizza and pasta at La Brezza, with the sound of the waves rolling in and the stars above, is a fairy-tale end to the day.

8. The scent of paradise

Wander through the lush tropical gardens at Trou aux Biches. Get lost in the sensory overload of the sights and scents of nature. We’ve infused one of our favourite scents, the royal orchid, into the fresh hand towels that welcome our guests on arrival.

9. Test your balance

It’s a true test of balance, but you reap the rewards when you grab a SUP board at Trou aux Biches. Walk from the soft white sand and head out onto the gorgeous aquamarine waters of the lagoon, soaking up the views that surround you.

10. Fresh out of the oven

Start the day with the freshest, still-warm-from-theoven bread at Mauricia’s Les Quais restaurant. Come lunch time, the views of the boats entering the bay is a fabulous side dish, while ‘bottomless’ lobster night at Le Nautic is every seafood lover’s dream come true.

11. Crescent pools

Nothing beats floating in one of Dinarobin’s crescent pools, listening to the birds chirp as the dipping sun lights up Le Morne Mountain. Afterwards, treat yourself to a heavenly full body massage at the most exquisite spa on the island.

12. Piña coladas

If you like piña coladas, there’s certainly no getting caught in the rain at Shandrani’s poolside bar. And if you’re Le Sirius about burgers, arrive hungry at Le Sirius restaurant. The spectacular view over Blue Bay comes complimentary!

13. The best snorkelling up north

Snorkel out to the little islands from Canonnier’s boathouse for some of the best snorkelling up north. Marvel at the diverse marine life as you get some gentle exercise in the bay’s warm water.

14. Island feasts

Foodies, get ready. From L’Horizon’s decadent doughnuts to La Casa’s creamy chocolate fondant, eating at Victoria is eating very well indeed. Carnivores, you’re not left out either. The BBQ plate at Morris Beef at Victoria for Two is just the meal for date night.

15. Sail into the sunset

Sail a Hobie Cat over Paradis’ endless lagoon before settling into one of the gorgeous couches at Paradis’ bar for sundowners. Oh, for a glass of crisp, cool (Takamaka) rosé litchi wine… delightful, refreshing and authentically Mauritian.

16. Sleep like a princess

Have the sweetest dreams and best sleep of your life in Royal Palm’s luxurious beds. Stretch out to your heart’s content and enjoy the opulence of the resort’s dreamy and expansive beds, fit for a princess – or the whole family!

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