All-inclusive Holiday Packages 2023

Travel to Your Dream Destination with Go Adventure’s All-Inclusive Holiday Packages in 2023

Defining what travel means to you could be relaxing on the pristine beaches of Seychelles, sipping cocktails under the swaying palms in Mauritius, overlooking the vast expanse of the Chobe Floodplains, or viewing an African sunset over the bushveld. Go Adventure offers all-inclusive holiday packages in 2023 that will take you on a journey to see sights seldom seen, travel along roads less known and experience adventure around every corner.


An Idyllic Island Getaway in Seychelles

all inclusive holiday packages to SeychellesThe largest archipelago island in Seychelles offers an idyllic tropical escape. For seven nights, you can experience the beauty and unspoiled coastline of the popular Anse Forbans beach situated on the island of Mahé. From your deluxe ocean view suite, panoramic mountains, white sands and shallow crystal-clear waters will greet you every morning. If activity is what you seek, Go Adventure can take you kayaking along the coastline or snorkelling to discover underwater scenery and the natural beauty of the coral reefs. Marine national parks are ideally situated on the north-western and north-eastern sides of the island, just a stone’s throw away from your accommodation. Historic temples and museums afford you the opportunity of getting a glimpse into the colourful history of Seychelles.



Mauritius – A Jewel in the Indian Ocean

All Inclusive Holiday Packages to Beautiful MauritiusFor a treasure trove of activities, Mauritius is the perfect holiday destination. Comprising numerous islands nestled in the warm Indian Ocean, exploring the beauty that each island has to offer is simply a bike, boat or taxi ride away. We offer several all-inclusive holiday packages to Mauritius, including a seven nights’ stay at a luxurious resort which is ideally situated along the coastline. The delightful smaller cities scattered along the islands will offer a sensory feast with their culinary delights and open marketplaces. If the buzzing street activities become too much, take a break into nature with guided mountain hikes and pleasurable boat cruises along a Mangrove maze. From water activities right on your doorstep to exploring colonial architecture and discovering majestic waterfalls, Go Adventure will keep you occupied. If a more subdued holiday is what your soul seeks, the numerous palm groves scattered along the beaches provide ample shade for you to sit back, relax and enjoy the warm tropical breeze.



Uncover the Beauty that is Africa

All Inclusive Holiday Packages Africa - BotswanaFrom the unkempt coastline of the West Coast to the vast mountain peaks of the Drakensberg and the exciting excursions in the inner cities, South Africa’s landscape and diverse culture have a lot to offer international and local tourists alike. Set your own pace on your holiday with an all-inclusive self-drive package that affords locals the opportunity to discover hidden gems right in their backyard. Explore the game and coastal reserves of Zululand and the Elephant Coast – a picturesque region on the Indian Ocean. Taste the renowned wines from the various vineyards in Stellenbosch, or simply relax and enjoy the creature comforts that only a boutique hotel and spa in Johannesburg can provide.


Setting your sights further afield to Botswana affords you the option of staying in deluxe lodges, dining on the Chobe River and enjoying safaris along the Okavango Delta with its numerous salt pans. A trip to Zambia offers a chance to view one of the seven natural wonders of the world, the breathtaking Victoria Falls. Spectacular sunsets frame the backdrop of the Zambezi floodplains with herds of elephants, buffalo, hippos and the rare Puku antelope to welcome you. Our all-inclusive packages in 2023 allow you to experience Africa as you never have before.


Go Adventure started a boutique travel agency with one aim in mind – to provide travellers with a simple and easy way to book their holidays. Our travel planners have a wealth of experience in the travel and tourism industry and are available for you to discuss and plan your ideal getaway. Whether you seek shaded siestas and complete relaxation or adrenaline-filled, non-stop activity, Go Adventure’s all-inclusive holiday packages in 2023 has an option for you.

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