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About GO Adventure!

Who we are

After three friends took a road trip across America in 2019, the idea for the GO App was sparked due to the constant irritation of having to search for different bookings on various platforms. Our passion for travel means that we provide our customers with the highest quality packages

If you are looking for something fresh to change up the way you travel, you are in the right place! We strive to offer our customers something they want, putting their desires at the top of our priority list.

Our aim with GO is to supply customers with an all in one travel app. It's to create accessibility to all forms of travel, from planning an itinerary; booking a guide, selecting a flight and even booking accommodation. We want users to no longer use multiple platforms but rather have the luxury of planning their holiday using one app for all mentioned elements.

Where we have come from

The idea

While doing a road trip with friends across America in 2019, we got this spark due to the constant irritation of having to search for every booking and keeping track of it ourselves.


All the planning started in the last quarter of 2019, making sure we have all the information, as well as expertise to help us make our dream come true.

Get going with new people

December 2019, we hired our first Travel Consultant and have already, locked down places to integrate with.

OM Hired

Feb 2020, we realised we need someone to run with all the day to day jobs and we got our first Operations manager.


March website launch, and first pitch's go out!


Finishing the App so it will make not just our lives better but everyone that has the urge to travel, hassle free and have the freedom and doing what they want, when they want to.